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C.O.N.S. - Die Deutsche Transformers Fan Convention

IDW Comic Ankündigungen für Dezember 2020

Hier sind die IDW Comic Ankündigungen für Dezember 2020.

Transformers Escape #1
(W) Brian Ruckley (A/CA) Bethany McGuire-Smith (CA) Winston Chan (CA) Sara Pitre-Durocher (CA) Alex Milne
World War spills into this all-new limited series! As Cybertron descends into a state of war, countless civilians-unaligned with the Autobots, Decepticons, or any faction-are caught in the crossfire. Fortunately, a solution may be coming… Wheeljack, Hound, and some of Cybertron’s greatest (and most infamous) scientists seek to reactivate the Ark program and evacuate the planet with huge spaceships. On the verge of war, will their efforts be enough to escape?

Transformers #26
(W) Brian Ruckley (A) Anna Malkova (CA) Freddie Williams II (CA) Billie Montfort (CA) Alex Milne
“War World” continues! As the two new leaders of Cybertron’s most dominant factions step into their new roles, one finds himself seeking council from one of the four Great Generals-for better or for worse. Meanwhile, the other is given council by his mentor, but it’s been a long time since Megatron and Termagax saw eye-to-eye.

Transformers ’84: Secrets & Lies TPB
(W) Simon Furman (A/CA) Guido Guidi
An all-new miniseries in the original Transformers comic universe! What shocking revelations will forever change what we thought we knew of the beloved ’80s series?
As the Cybertronian Civil War rages between Optimus Prime’s Autobots and Megatron’s Decepticons, Shockwave has encountered a new obstacle to the Decepticons’ victory and subjugation of the planet: Megatron himself! As Optimus and his recruits take off to stop an even deadlier threat-an asteroid belt powerful enough to destroy the metal world-Megatron leads a team of Decepticons after in hot pursuit! But what other motivations does Prime have for this mission? How does it benefit Shockwave’s goals? And what does it all have to do with a secret on Earth in the eleventh century?
Collects the four-issue Transformers ’84: Secret and Lies series, plus the Transformers ’84 #0 one-shot.

Transformers x Back To The Future #3
(W) Cavan Scott (A/CA) Juan Samu (CA) Phil Murphy (CA) Dan Schoening
Where-and when–are Marty McFly and his pal, the Autobot Gigawatt? That’s what Biff Tannen wants to know because if he can find them, he can help his bosses-the Decepticons-find what’s left of the Resistance and pound ’em into next week. And if Biff can’t find them… well… he’d better prepare to be on the receiving end of a Decepticon whupping!

IDW-1220-001 IDW-1220-002 IDW-1220-003 IDW-1220-004 IDW-1220-005 IDW-1220-006 IDW-1220-007

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Takara Tomy Genenerations Selects Deluxe Swoop aus Volcanicus Pack

Jetzt zeigen wir euch die Bilder vom Takara Tomy Genenerations Selects Deluxe Swoop aus dem Volcanicus Pack.

Vocanicus-Pack-Swoop-01 Vocanicus-Pack-Swoop-02 Vocanicus-Pack-Swoop-03

Quelle: Takara Tomy

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Neue Angebote von Gerrut Camaro

I have some nice items up for auction on ebay:


Please be aware that i don't end auctions early & i don't have other rare Transformers, MB, Ceji, IGA or GI Joe items right now

119671192-4075287929152402-4773284740030637058-o 119675922-4075288749152320-7843045118778377318-o 119676744-4075287529152442-1779532785765654295-o 119676905-4075287662485762-6710379891220327795-o 119742763-4075287202485808-5989364944584642311-o 119822845-4075288515819010-170929567469043279-o 119824382-4075286579152537-3592642011989939988-o 119839223-4075288225819039-7647341971964422570-o 119896575-4075287062485822-4726721835318804294-o

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Transformers Prime 10th Anniversary 2er Pack War Breakdown & Jet Vehicon

Jetzt zeigen wir euch neue Bilder vom Transformers Prime 10th Anniversary War Breakdown & Jet Vehicon 2er Pack.

119186058-10159362547740628-4754755796193711500-n 119461331-10159362547815628-2814006542715567809-n 119749681-10159362548140628-6752132364819909988-n

Quelle: Cybertron Phillipines

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War for Cybertron Earthrise Doublecrosser

Jetzt zeigen wir euch eine Video Review vom War for Cybertron Earthrise Doublecrosser.

Quelle: TF Collector

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Transformers Generation Selects Deluxe Rotorstorm

Hier ist eine Video Review vom Transformers Generation Selects Deluxe Rotorstorm.

Quelle: PrimeVsPrime

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Takara Tomy Genenerations Selects Voyager Grimlock aus Volcanicus Pack

Hier haben wir die ersten Bilder vom Takara Tomy Genenerations Selects Voyager Grimlock aus dem Volcanicus Pack. Takara Tomy wird die Power Of The Primes Dinobots jetzt als 5er Pack mit einigen zusätzlichen Waffen und Zubehörteilen sowie einer neuen, von G1 inspirierten Deko heraus bringen. Auf dem Bildern sieht man ihn im Vergleich zum original POTP Grimlock.

Volcanicus-Grimlock-01 Volcanicus-Grimlock-02

Quelle: Takara Tomy

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Transformers R.E.D (Robot Enhanced Design) Optimus Prime & Megatron

Jetzt können wir euch neue Bilder zu den beiden Transformers R.E.D (Robot Enhanced Design) Figuren Optimus Prime und Megatron zeigen. Beiden gehören zur ersten Welle zusammen mit Soundwave.


Alle Bilder sind unter Mehr.

Quelle: blacklai1979.blogspot.com

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IDW Comic Transformers ( 2019 ) # 23

Hier ist die große Vorschau zum IDW Comic Transformers ( 2019 ) # 23.

Sentinel Prime, head senator and leader of the Autobots, will denounce the Ascenticons, the Rise, and anyone he thinks is an enemy of Cybertron’s security in Transformers issue #23

TF2019-23-5-001 TF2019-23-5-002 TF2019-23-5-003 TF2019-23-5-004 TF2019-23-5-005 TF2019-23-5-006 TF2019-23-5-007 TF2019-23-5-008

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IDW Comic Transformers Galaxies # 10

Hier ist die große Vorschau zum IDW Comic Transformers Galaxies # 10.

When Alpha Trion is reported missing from a nearby world, Ultra Magnus must solve a mystery with roots in an even more distant past that reaches from Cybertron to the unknown regions as Transformers: Galaxies reaches issue #10.

TFG-10-5-001 TFG-10-5-002 TFG-10-5-003 TFG-10-5-004 TFG-10-5-005 TFG-10-5-006 TFG-10-5-007 TFG-10-5-008

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