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Takara Earthrise EX-15 Double Crosser

Hier sind neue Bilder vom Takara Earthrise EX-15 Double Crosser.

doublecrosser1 doublecrosser2 doublecrosser3 doublecrosser4

Quelle: TF_pr

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Dr. Wu DW-TP10 Iron Eater

Jetzt können wir euch die ersten Bilder vom Dr. Wu DW-TP10 Iron Eater zeigen. Diese Figur ist eine Hommage an Transformers Prime Scraplet. Sie werden im 4er Pack verkauft und sie sind mit den Transformers Prime Figuren kompatibel.

DW-TP10-Iron-Eater-01 DW-TP10-Iron-Eater-02 DW-TP10-Iron-Eater-03 DW-TP10-Iron-Eater-04 DW-TP10-Iron-Eater-05 DW-TP10-Iron-Eater-06 DW-TP10-B-Iron-Eater-01 DW-TP10-B-Iron-Eater-02 DW-TP10-B-Iron-Eater-03 DW-TP10-B-Iron-Eater-04 DW-TP10-B-Iron-Eater-05 DW-TP10-B-Iron-Eater-06

Quelle: Dr. Wu

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Neue Angebote von Gerrut Camaro

Pre order for Earthrise Selects Hot House:



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Transformers Earthrise Bluestreak

Jetzt zeigen wir euch das Verpackungabild vom Transformers Earthrise Bluestreak. Jetzt hat die Figur den richtigen Bluestreak Kopf.


Quelle: In Demand Toys

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IDW Comic Transformers vs The Terminator #3

Jetzt zeigen wir euch die kleine Vorschau zum IDW Comic Transformers vs The Terminator #3.

The T-800’s mission is simple: Exterminate the Cybertronians and ensure the future belongs to SKYNET. When Optimus Prime offers his aid, suggesting they go after Megatron together, the T-800 faces his toughest decision yet. Is the enemy of his enemy his friend, or just another threat to the mission?

TFv-T-3i-001 TFv-T-3i-002 TFv-T-3i-003 TFv-T-3i-004 TFv-T-3i-005 TFv-T-3i-006

Quelle: iTunes

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IDW Comic Transformers ( 2019 ) # 22

Hier ist die kleine Vorschau zum IDW Comic Transformers ( 2019 ) # 22.

“Crisis: Prisoners.” Cybertronians have died and their killers have yet to face justice. With one murderer finally on his way to detention for his crimes, a new challenge arises – getting him there without the loss of any more lives.

TF2019-22-i-001 TF2019-22-i-002 TF2019-22-i-003 TF2019-22-i-004 TF2019-22-i-005 TF2019-22-i-006

Quelle: iTunes

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Neue Angebote von Kapow Toys


1) Siege Deluxe Prowl - https://www.kapowtoys.co.uk/…/transformers-siege-war-for-cy…

2) Siege Deluxe Barricade - https://www.kapowtoys.co.uk/…/transformers-war-for-cybertro…

3) Siege Voyager Thundercracker - https://www.kapowtoys.co.uk/…/transformers-war-for-cybertro…

4) Perfect Effect Psychro Knight - https://www.kapowtoys.co.uk/…/perfect-effect-dx09b-psychro-…

You can find all our new arrivals here - https://www.kapowtoys.co.uk/new-arrival.html

117597046-3370993692920803-2342456594806221752-n 117667826-3370991932920979-7911922184486797722-n 117706448-3370989822921190-2594159822537231587-n 117757252-3370995352920637-4929812162470489807-o

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IDW Comic Transformers Galaxies #8

Hier ist die Vorschau zum IDW Comic Transformers Galaxies #8.

“Gauging the Truth,” Part Two. Gauge’s understanding of the universe has gone topsy-turvy. Everything she’s been told-that she remembers-may be a lie. Or the mysterious prisoners that are appealing to her are the liars. It could really go either way… and it’s up to her to figure out who’s telling the truth.

TFG8-5-001 TFG8-5-002 TFG8-5-003 TFG8-5-004 TFG8-5-005 TFG8-5-006 TFG8-5-007 TFG8-5-008 TFG8-5-009

Quelle: Comic Crusaders

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IDW Comic Transformers ’84 Heft 2

Hier ist die kleine Vorschau zum IDW Comic Transformers ’84 Heft 2.

The time has come for the Autobots’ Ark to launch-their goal: to save Cybertron from an imminent asteroid belt and the maniacal mayhem of Megatron. The Decepticon warship, the Nemesis, falls into the Autobot trap, following the heroes into the void. But… when the Ark crashed to Earth, the Nemesis did not. What skeleton crew remained and what was their business on the strange alien world below? A gripping new tale about the secret history of the original Transformers comic universe, by the fantastic team of Simon Furman, Guido Guidi, and John-Paul Bove!

TF84-2i-001 TF84-2i-002 TF84-2i-003 TF84-2i-004 TF84-2i-005

Quelle: iTunes

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Transformers Generations Selects Deluxe WFC-GS15 Hot House

Soeben wurde eine neue Transformers Generations Selects Deluxe Figur veröffentlicht. Es handelt sich dabei um WFC-GS15 Hot House. Diese Sonderedition ist durch die Zone Comics inspiriert.

117260344-3605337739499141-1868869811484690388-o 117295249-3605338086165773-4437710604647342601-o 117308486-3605337989499116-302325724724242865-o 117335357-3605337672832481-2213982627221321540-o 117347615-3605337842832464-7290777957489864017-o 117602309-3605338326165749-3876218000067025723-o 117709781-3605338192832429-8540454058868915050-o

Quelle: Hasbro Pulse

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